Exploring the Microbiome

We aim to advance our knowledge of the human microbiome and boost global research capacity. By curating and sharing a highly representative collection of microbiome samples and data, we strive to catalyze research worldwide.

Inclusive Scientific Advancements

Most of our existing knowledge of the microbiome is derived from the study of human populations of European descent. The GMbC seeks to rectify this disparity by enhancing global representation in microbiome sampling. We aim to ensure active participation and access to the benefits of microbiome research for all communities.

Our work is centered around four core activities:


We dedicate our efforts to sample a diverse range of microbiomes from around the world. By culturing, isolating and storing gut bacteria, we are building an open, non-profit and global library of our microbial heritage.

Capacity Building

We promote capacity building within partner institutions by offering comprehensive scientific training and research support, empowering GMbC consortium members to contribute to scientific progress in their regions.


We foster collaborations with human populations worldwide, with a particular emphasis on engaging underrepresented communities. Through these partnerships, we aim to promote inclusivity in the field of microbiome science.

Advancing knowledge

We participate in educational initiatives and generate resources for the research community to advance microbiome science. Leveraging these resources, we address scientific questions related to the human microbiome.