The Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC)

Founded in 2016, the GMbC is an international non-profit organization collecting and preserving the full biodiversity of human gut microbes for future generations.

Our work is centered around four core activities:

We dedicate our efforts to conserve an invisible, intimate and crucial biodiversity for humans: the gut microbiome. By culturing, isolating and storing gut bacteria, we are building an open, non-profit and global library of our microbial heritage.
We are strongly committed in working with a wide variety of human populations worldwide, including under-represented and indigenous peoples, to promote inclusion in microbiome science. Participants conserve the ownership of their microbiomes.
Capacity building
Our global consortium promotes capacity building in partner institutions through scientific training and local research support.
Advancing knowledge
We generate microbiome resources for the research community to advance science and promote human health. Using these resources we will tackle big scientific questions on the human microbiome. We engage in outreach and educational activities to promote the objectives of the GMbC and spread knowledge on the microbiome.