The Global Microbiome Conservancy Biobank of stool samples

Since 2016, we have collected and preserved 1,000+ microbiome samples from individuals living in under-represented populations in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia (blue dots on the map). Additional sampling trips will occur soon (green dots on the map).

The Global Microbiome Conservancy Biobank of bacterial strains

From a first subset of the preserved microbiome samples, we cultured, isolated and sequenced the whole genome of about 6,000 bacterial strains. This collection clusters in 450 species groups and covers a wide range of bacterial taxa across multiple phyla, including from some groups that are previously considered as unculturable.

Preliminary effort

Prior to founding the Global Microbiome Conservancy, we built a comprehensive biobank of human gut bacteria: a library of about 7,700 bacterial isolates paired with genome sequences. This library covers most of the phylogenetic diversity found in the gut of OpenBiome FMT donors, contains extensive strain diversity, and is available to the research community. 

Strains from this biobank can be accessed through this link.