Rwanda Sep, 2018


In the video above, the team was invited by teachers to visit a school. These teachers literally built their schoolhouses with their own hands, and we had the wonderful chance to meet and interact with warmly welcoming students!

Ghana Sep, 2018

Tanzania Feb, 2018


In the video above, a fire is prepared to pacify the bees with the smoke. Then, wooden stakes driven into trunks are installed to climb the tree and to reach the nest containing the honey.


In the video above, the hard outer shell of a dried baobab seed is first cracked to reveal the softer inner meat. This seed is then repeatedly pounded with stones to make a fine meal that is then sifted using a stiff piece of dried leather. The final baobab powder can then be mixed with water and other ingredients like honey and dried herbs to make a filling porridge.

Cameroon May, 2017 – Jan, 2018

Finland Sep, 2017

Canada July, 2017

United States Mar, 2017